Thursday, May 17, 2012

Library Loot May 16-22nd 2012

Good Reads is good, but I find it a bit too vast and not quite there with it's book recommendations, so I've turned to book blogs instead. Along the way I found a 'what your reading from the library' Linky, which I heartily approve of being a big fan of public libraries, too poor clever to buy new (I would have spent $94 to buy what I read last week) and having limited book storage space (though having an old-school dusty personal library with scary taxidermy and a teasmaid, to grow old in is on my life-list).

Library Loot is a weekly event co-hosted by Claire from The Captive Reader and Marg from The Adventures of an Intrepid Reader that encourages bloggers to share the books they’ve checked out from the library.

I live in a very small town, but that said the public library in Rangiora is far superior to any of the libraries in cities I've lived in, a result I think of good funding and impeccable librarian taste! It's late night at the library on a Thursday so we go en-familie; Claud skipped home with Charlie and Lola books and DVDs; the husband with pottery/art identification aides, and me with this wee pile to take away on my impending short break down south to celebrate my 40th birthday (I'll be going star-gazing in the Dark Skies reserve in Tekapo when not lying in bed demanding tea and cake to go with my books).

Cabin Fever-A suburban father searches for the wild
Montgomery Fate
I've made a start on this one. I'm glad I've got past my distaste for the authors disappearance into his cabin in the woods with a copy of Walden whilst his wife stayed home parenting alone, because it's fascinating,  food-for-thought stuff and beautifully written and I'm now reading it super-slow to savour and soak it all up. I can imagine myself re-reading this (which is rare for me).

Seasons of Life-The biological rhythms that enable living things to thrive and survive
Russell Foster & Leon Kreitzman. 
I'm excited to read this one as autumn makes me feel more in love with seasonality than any other season (whilst hoping it's not too scientifically dense). This book explains seasonal behaviours, amongst humans, animals and plants, and how the seasons influenced the course of human evolution and continues to do so.
Perhaps it'll help me fathom my passion for all things pumpkin? No, it's not a Indian summer tan  I have, it's beta-carotene overload!

Dig For Victory-Mr Middleton's all-year-round gardening guide. 
C. H. Middelton.
I got really excited over a book who's author and title I've forgotten which I got out of the library a few weeks ago telling the history of the dig for victory campaign, but I couldn't finish the first chapter it was so pedantically and amateurishly written. I still want to read a good history of it, and this one isn't it-it's simply the manual that householders received to guide their vegge gardening over that period, but it'll do for now,

Hugh Fearlessly Eats It All-Dispatches from the gastronomic front line. 
Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall.
I like a good gastro-tale and HFW intro's in the River-Cottage cook book range are always witty and well written so I suspect I'll enjoy this one.

Not Buying It. My year without shopping. 
Judith Levine.
I managed 6 weeks without buying anything new in the new year (not a huge stretch since I was broke and prefer op-shops anyway) but I'm quite keen to hear about the 'major life changes' that resulted for this woman when she managed to stop-the-shop for 365 whole days!

Where shall we go for dinner? A food romance.
Tamasin Day-Lewis. 
A biography of food experiences. I use one of her cook books a lot (Good Tempered Food) and this passed the 'read three random paragraphs and if it grips of makes you laugh get it' test.

So, how do you choose a book at the library?

How do you find your-kind of books?

I'd love to know!

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  1. Where do i start! Dont forget you started this!
    So happy to read your post, what a collection of great reads. Happy B'day and are you really going there and reading? If youare I am so impressed x 100, and I am really jealous. Xxxxxxxxxxx Roberta

  2. I shall spend all my mornings in bed reading and eating in and may or maynot deign to get up in the afternoon s to mooch in the hot pools. I'l probably have a moment of daftness and go ice skating but this will be hastily followed by more bedrest to recover. I'm planning on easing into my 40's gently!

  3. ooo, like the look of the cabin one! i love libraries and am off to one this afternoon... so will check out the link! are you on goodreads? i'll seek you out if you are... i quite like the recommends they give tho.x

    1. It's really very good, I highly recommend it.
      I am on good reads...somewhere... I'll seek you out too.
      Yes the recommendations, it's just there are so many and the ones I sought out I felt blah about on reading, but then i am a bit difficult to please and always want to read something that suits how I'm feeling/what I'm thinking about right there and then, now!

  4. I have gotten out a library book in a very long time! The no shop seems right up my alley! I've been doing a tad too much lately. xx

    1. get thee to a library young lady! i let you know what i think of the book once I've read it...although i am a little nervous that reading it might squeeze out any last vestige of wanting to conspicuously consume I have, and I do enjoy the odd bout of it!

  5. Welcome to Library Loot! I started borrowing from the library for a similar reason to you.

    I hope you enjoy all your loot!

  6. Thanks for stopping by so i could find your fabulous blog! Wow, I love reading and perusing through this post is like visiting a candy shop. I like the sound of the last two, as i love reading about food and cooking (even though bizarrely after having kids I don't like cooking anymore)

    1. Ditto! and hey, reading about cooking is frequently much more pleasurable than the actual doing of cooking, though it never surpasses the actual eating of cooking!

  7. HUGH!!! *SQUEE*! I have a crush on Hugh.......and I love Tamsin Day Lewis!!!
    I am a keen re-reader, and keep favourites for when I need a little comfort!My most re-read books are The Wood Wife,Gone with the Wind,all of Frances Mays and probably a lot of other books!
    I love reading,and would probably kill myself if I lost the ability!I keep meaning to check out literary type blogs.
    Tekapo for your 40th?!Sounds lovely!!!

    AND OMG I love your new header,darling!!!

    1. I agree, life would be much harder and grimmer if i couldn't read. The only books I've re-read in the last year have been Pride and prejudice and twilight-just like you, they provide great comfort in sickness or in boredom!

      The header is ace isn't it! I asked about how to fix my header problem and she got all creative on me!

  8. Have an amazing birthday break Max. I do love going to the library and so do the boys - although Boy2 went through a phase of only wanting to borrow books he already had, he distrusted new ones for ages - but am also terrible with the kindle, it's so easy to click buy now when you're desperate to read the next in a series IMMEDIATELY!

    1. How funny! do you think he thought all the other books were not-his-so-not-to-touch or something?! if only I had that problem with claud. She tears around the library like she owns the place (there are no noise restrictions in NZ libraries)usually, literally with books flying around in her wake. And I completely concur re the necessity of immediate, regardless of cost buying of great next-in-series books that just has to be done!

  9. Max, Definitly going to order Judith Levine from my very well used library. Just popped back to follow you back.Loving your blog. I'm your number 100 and your my first!! Happy birthday. 40 is the new 25.

    1. Hurray and welcome number 100!!! Your blog is so readable despite it's youth, i daresay you'll have many, many followers in no time at all x

  10. Hey there swap partner! Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog - I am looking forward to our swap:D

  11. There are a couple of titles there that are going on my watch list for the library - thanks (that might sounds lazy, but generally I have a 3.5 year old tugging on my arm trying to drag me to the kids section so my history with book selection is somewhat hit and miss)

  12. Oh thanks for sharing your library loot, Max!! Looks like some goodies in there!
    Hope you have an awesome holiday break. x


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