Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Food my kid refused to eat this week

                                                                     An instagram essay.

i'm a real weirdo, with some things. are you too or is it just me? for example, i don't like the lights on at this time of year, when the sun actual rises and sets close to the time we rise and set. i've got this half-baked idea that it's good for you, you know, to 'experience' the changes in light at as the sun rises and sets, and so we start our days scrabbling and squinting around in the half dark, and end them, or Claud's anyway, watching the sun set. It quiets her in a way nothing else does, and it's so soothing for us after all the rush and stress (of trying to dress, cook and eat in the dark, and live with a weirdo). 
another weirdo thing is Claud's eating. we've never forced or bribed her to eat or drink, nor castigated her for not doing so. she never had puree or spoon feeding. it's based on a weirdo theory i developed after 10 years work in an eating disorders clinic. my theory is called 'no food rules' rules. an interesting pattern emerged quite early on where she would eat very little for a week or two, then have a growth spurt, then eat stacks. she's in her not eating phase again. we like it in a weirdo kind of way cause i get into making 'tempting' food and then she doesn't eat it and we fight over who's having her leftovers for lunch the next day instead of fighting with her over her not eating it.
and, did you know you can only follow a limited number of blogs, not as in, 'gaw'd i follow all these blogs but i don't have time to read them' but as in 'you've reached your limit and can't like any more'? well it happened to me so I deleted millions of blogs from my feed, but not yours of course, and since then I've been filling up on foodie-esq blogs, and cooking from them.

i made this cake today
and this hummus
and this is the husbands new favourite 

do you go through blog phases?

 i've not been around long enough to know (1 year this month!) but i'm thinking, is it seasonal?
 I was all into interiors blogs a couple of months ago, but now Apartment Therapy's ceaseless posting is driving me batty (f**k your 'small, cool' spam-bot style blogging) but yes I still have room in my heart/following cache dodad for THE best interiors blog ever.

 i've cooled on craft blogs, and have frozen out fashion.

i just want food and funny. and perhaps weirdo. and defo books.

any recommendations?


  1. I think my whole childhood was not eating much anything, but I survived.

    I don't bother checking apartment therapy anymore either, it's just dull and too much same. I had also a baking blog phase two years ago, after that organizing phase, then crafting phase. Don't know where I am now. Interests come and go.

    1. organising blogs? heh! I need organising alright, but I think it's the blog reading that interfears with it!

  2. My kids go through 'feast or famine' phases with food. Before an illness, sometimes for a full fortnight, Sonny will eat non stop, crying for carrots and potatoes and broccoli all the time, then be poorly and eat nothing for 5 days. After an illness he wants bolognaise, chicken and fish - prob after the protein.

    one of my favourite daily reads is http://newgreyarea.blogspot.co.uk/
    I find it very engaging and funny.

    I can't look at too many crafty/home blogs because I feel sorry for myself when I see how lovely some people's homes are!

    I didn't do any sightseeing in bath, maybe next time when we're not in a rush!

    1. that is a class blog, thanks for taking the time to post the link luce x

  3. Lordy, Max, I'm coming to live with you, you can cook for me and I will eat EVERYTHING! With relish! And burp contentedly afterwards and say thank you and please may I leave the table.
    We do have a some rules about food in our house, but my kids are older and I think it's reasonable to ask them to try things and not make a fuss. It's partly a horror of having fussy kids who won't eat anything at other people's houses or when we go out; my daughter has a friend who eats such a limited range of food that it's horribly tricky when she comes to tea. It's ALL about the control, isn't it!
    I am constantly astonished at how many blogs some people seem to follow, it must take forever to read and comment on them all. I like coming across new people to follow, but I don't think I could maintain a real bloggy friendship with hundreds.
    Please keep me on your list, I like you dropping by! I'm not foody. Or very funny. Can you keep me in under weirdo? Thanks!
    Karen at Ow, my angst is hilarious and moving and lovely, you could check her out. xxxx

    1. aww, your my favourite weirdo darl!!! and that blog is hysterical, thanks for taking the time to post the link x

  4. oh man send all that food to me! it all looks good!
    i go through seasons too. when i started really following lots of blogs i had lots of mom and fashion blogs in my feed (because i think those are easiest to find) and now i have almost none. the ones that stick with me are lifestyle blogs (i've been on live journal since 2000 so those are always my favorite) and vintage blogs. I'm been trying to clean my read out recently because i spend WAY to much time trying to keep up with everything! i follow almost no blogs like apartment therapy now. too many posts a day, i can't keep up and can't stay interested. some of my favorite food blogs are:
    http://www.shutterbean.com/ (good mix of recipes and life blogging)
    www.honeyandjam.com (doesn't post much but it's gorgeous when she does)
    http://bread-and-honey.blogspot.com/ (she doesn't post here anymore but i go throgh her archives all the time because she has posted so many good things!)

    well i realized i actually don't follow many food blogs.

    1. vintage blogs, I'll never go off them i'm sure. awesome foodie blogs thanks Rae x

  5. I want you to cook for me too Max- the food looks great! The only time my little boy doesnt eat is when he is ill - he's a feeding machine all other times but is getting more and more fussy with certain items, at the moment he is having a love affair with fish fingers lol.
    Im rubbish in the kitchen so food blogs never made it onto my blog list ;o) Scarlett x

  6. thanks for your insight into blog following. So feel very privileged and under pressure that you are following me - god I'd better post something (soon!), and it had better be witty, entertaining, quirky, interesting, informative, with gorgeous pics......
    Thanks for the link to FYNCT I had fun scrolling down and trying to guess what the comment was going to be!

    1. ha ha ha, yes i'll be watching!

  7. Liking FYNCT but a little confused - is it post- post modern to have a really stylie apartment and then a giant exclamation of FYNCT in a poster in the background? Ironic or stupid or vanity? Isn't FYNCT trying to say it is all hype without substance? Perhaps the poster was just photoshoped in to make a point. It's beginning to make sense now... I think...

    1. personally i just like the swearing, it never ceases to crack me up.but i know what you mean re the poster, I put it down to being American, ie even being ironically orientated doesn't stop the rampant consumerism.

  8. I actually have a separate account on bloglovin with blogs about arts, design, fashion, funny but no food blogs at all! I check it once a week and it piles over 200 posts, takes me a couple of hours so lately I've been thinking of removing a few.
    On my normal account I follow mostly people I know or really like their work. A couple of blogs I can recommend:
    and on the funny side: http://thebloggess.com/
    and http://iwastesomuchtime.com not a blog exactly, more like a random collection of funny stuff.
    when I was a kid it would take me hours, actual hours to finish my food. I'm still kind of a slow eater, it doesn't take me hours but I'm usually the last to finish my meal :-)

  9. Brilliant, thanks so much for the links Aleka. i must investigate bloglovin, i like the idea of seperate accounts so you can just go cruise what your in the mood for x

  10. You can organise your blogs into folders on google reader too if you want Max. I have a folder with friends blogs at the moment so that I don't accidentally miss something, but I'm thinking of grouping by subject matter as well.
    I totally get what you mean about going through phases in your blog reading. Some blogs that I loved a few months ago drive me NUTS now. Especially the ones that do 4 short posts in a day.
    I think that its also that sometimes you have more in common with specific bloggers- maybe you relate to their pregnancy but are bored by countless posts about how wonderful their child is once its born...

  11. That blog post made my day, I laughed out loud (more than once) and am quite taken by your sunrise/sunset/getting jobs done in the dark concept :)

  12. You can be my mum. I'll eat heart shaped waffles without complaint and only occasionally start wailing that my green beans are too green. Boy2 is occasionally awkward, but getting better now he can be reasoned with (bribed), and Boy1 is a bottomless pit who eats pretty much anything, and lots of it.

    I have the 300 blog limit too - it's a pain. I'm pretty certain it's something they brought in later, because some big time bloggers I can think of who've been going a while seem to be able to follow everyone who follows them, I had to do a bit of a cull. I know I should probably embrace bloglovin to follow people, but then I'd have to use two sites where previously just blogger would do.

    I reached a point with a couple of blogs where every time I read their witterings about nooks and vignettes I fantasised about beating the author with a chair...never a good sign...

    Have you read Ranch Dressing with Eartha Kitsch? She is often very amusing.


  13. This made me laugh - AND admire your patience! When my son was two, he refused to eat anything other than cheese on toast...so I fed him cheese on toast. ;-)

  14. Yumbo food alright, love you approach to food for your wee las... great idea, I was just thinking about that this morning with our kids... I have lots of friends who are amazed at my kids love for veges... we just never forced, they were always served up and made in different ways and it just involved from there ( plus a vege garden helps ).
    Also I often thin out my blogs... I started with alot of overseas blogs but now I prefer reading blogs closer to home.. infact there are two American blogs that everytime I delete them, a couple of days later they pop back again! I don't know how to get rid of them, its driving me nuts!!


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