Thursday, April 26, 2012

Doll House Yum!

                                        Just saw this on Design Sponge and had to share!

                                                           Edible doll house furniture!

                                            I defy Claud to turn her nose up at those babies!

              Apparently it's a commentary on the disposibility of  modern design/furniture or something, but


                                                                      a birthday cake,
                                                          a giant doll house birthday cake,
                                                                   with edible furniture!

                                                          I HAVE to get that waffle iron.

                                Speaking of edible things, my braided rug project has gone pear banana shaped.

                                        Hard to digest. I forgot to lace it against a straight edge on one side.
                                                      So it's an unpicking I will go this week.
                                                                         Argh. etc.

                             Lesson: always lace the rug both on a flat surface, and against a straight edge.


  1. Ha ha, only you could find that waffle maker- so cool!

  2. LOVE the waffle maker I am looking forward to seeing the cake! and the rug looks fine to me but I'm not a perfectionist. :o)

    1. Love the rug :) I was actually just thinking of making one of those babies myself...

  3. The waffle iron looks fun, and the rug rather nice even though you say it's gone wrong.

  4. hahaha gotta love that waffle iron maker! seems like the sky's the limit nowadays hehehe, sorry to hear abt your braided rug project, it looks to me just fine? i love the colors by the way :)

    x susan

  5. OMG I love waffles but I think edible dolls house furniture is unusual. I do like the idea of making an edible dolls house...that would make an awesome birthday or wedding cake. As for the rug, I think it will be fine as it is - when its one the floor and being used it won't be a problem. Just the thought of waffles is making my hungry.......

  6. Edible doll house furniture! Oh my what a quirky but fun idea

  7. OMG! That waffle iron is amazeballs!!


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