Saturday, April 7, 2012

Autumn Easter Eats Sweets

You know your a northerner down-under when your craving bonfire toffee at easter.

I D.I.Y'd some, easy as, and it's blummin marvellous.

Serving suggestions:-

1. eat whilst staring into a fire.
2. suck don't chomp or chew.

Happy topsy-turvey easter x


  1. Yum. Never heard or seen it before but it sounds goooooood. What's the difference from regular toffee?

    1. Hi widge, its made with black treacle and vinegar, so its quite full flavoured and hard rather than chewy. Call round and i'll give you some to try x

  2. I love the cute wee toffee hammer! And nice dahlia tin ..... I have the same one which I keep all my felting gear in! cheers Sally


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