Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Anzac day

We remembered them at the memorial service in rangiora today, with what seemed like the whole town.
My maternal grandfather served in the navy and spent long periods in iceland ("we hated it because none of the local women would talk to us") and the usa where he got copious tattoos and fathered a daughter about whom he knew nothing until 1982!
I know nothing much either of my paternal grandfathers service, he too along with his 8 brothers were all in the navy. Only 2 of them made it home.
The photo is of barry, my elderly neighbour. He was in j-force who liberated prisoners of war and cleaned up after the atomic bombs in japan. He just cried when we asked about it. He was 19.
And sophie scholl. I've just finished reading her biography. She was beheaded by the gestapo aged 21 resistance work in germany.


I haven't whined once about how overworked i am today, though i'm sure normal service will resume tommorow.


  1. Thank you for such a moving post. We should never forget their sacrifice. Best, Neen

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